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1. Please place your listing in the appropriate TOWNSHIP – This means that if the business is in Mamelodi, it must be listed in Mamelodi. If you list your listing on our Main Site – There is a fee to list it. If we find listings in Provinces that do not have a physical address there, the listing will be removed. Please keep your listing on our main site or within your own Province.
3. Listings that do not have an image might not be approved for our websites. This is a business directory and only chosen listings that meet our criteria will be approved. We also reserve the right to remove any listing whether it is a paid listing or not.
4. Please make sure you place your business listing in the appropriate category. If for some reason the category is not available, please choose the next best closet category that fits your listing. Listings that are not in the right category will not be approved by our staff.
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